Pardot Field Manager

Create fields in bulk, edit and delete fields, and
setup field syncs with Salesforce

Free to use, forever

How Pardot Field Manager can help you

Creating custom fields in Pardot can be tiresome when you're an admin, especially when you have a lot of custom data you are capturing.

The Pardot Field Manager can make this much easier, letting you create fields in bulk, edit and delete any existing fields, as well as let you setup your field syncs with Salesforce.

Key Features

- Free to use as much as you like

- Link with both sandbox and production orgs

- Quickly mass create Pardot fields

- Map to fields from both Lead and Contact objects

- Delete and edit fields with ease

- Simple and easy to use

Get started now!

Give our Pardot Field Manager a go and see how much time you can save in your day-to-day Pardot project setup.