Automation Manager

Manage and export all of your Salesforce automations for keywords,
including Validation Rules, Workflows, Process Builders, Triggers, and Apex Classes.

Free to use, forever

How Automation Manager can help you

The Automation Manager allows you to gather all of your automation records together and export them into a more user-friendly format, meaning you can easily document and keep track of what automation you have running, and what it actually does.

You can either run the Automation Manager in your browser, or you can install it directly into your Salesforce environment.

Key Features

- Free to use as much as you like

- Search in both sandbox and production orgs

- Searches validation rules, flows, processes

- Searches all code in your triggers and classes

- Allows you to export any automation as CSVs

- Simple and easy to use

Try it out!

Use the Automation Manager today and get your automation organised.