Force Toolkit

Minimal, zero-dependency Javascript wrapper for the REST API,
allowing rapid development of Salesforce connected applications.

Free to use, forever

How Force Toolkit can help you

The Force Toolkit allows you to quickly develop JS applications that connect with Salesforce via the REST API by providing a simple an easy-to-use framework that handles authentication, refreshing tokens, and querying various REST endpoints.

With the Force Toolkit you can quickly bootstrap apps that connect with Salesforce and use Salesforce data without having to write any complex code yourself.

Key Features

- Pure Javascript, zero dependencies

- Can work in any JS application or directly in VF

- Minimal proxy provided to get around CORS issues

- Handles authentication and token refresh for you

- Exposes current REST limits in each call

- Helpers for standard CRUD functions

Get started now!

Use the Force Toolkit in your next application and see how easy it is to build apps that connect to Salesforce!